Stagehand Labor in Las Vegas, and Surrounding Area.

With over twenty (20) years of labor experience working with the Las Vegas Stagehands Union, In-House Production (IHP) has assembled a working stagehand roster of incredibly talented and qualified labor. This ensures that, whatever your show labor needs may be, we have the qualified, and professional personnel for the job. Let the staff at IHP works with you to make sure your project is under budget, and on time. Give IHP a call and ask your Account Manager for Labor Rates.



WORK DAY: Employee's workday starts at call time.

WORK WEEK: Employee's work week starts the first day the employee reports to work. A work week consists of five (5) days worked in a seven (7) day period.

MINIMUM WORK CALL: Depending on the employee’s job classification, the employee's minimum work call may be a four (4) hour or eight (8) hour guarantee. Talk to your Account Manager as to which Minimum Guarantees may be required.

BREAKS: All employees shall be granted a paid fifteen (15) minute paid break in the middle of each meal break. Breaks need not be granted during a performance, presentation, or meeting.

OVERTIME: Work performed in excess of eight (8) hours in a day, or forty (40) hours in a work week, shall be paid at the overtime rate.

Work performed in excess of the following hours during any work period shall be paid for in accordance with the overtime rules set below:

MEAL BREAKS: Employees shall not be required to work more than five and one-half (5-1/2) hours without being allowed a meal break for up to one (1) hour. One-half (1/2) hour meal break may be given under certain conditions. Meal break shall not exceed one (1) hour in duration. The first meal break should be no earlier than two (2) hours and no later than five and one-half (5-1/2) hours. The second meal should be no earlier than three and one half (3-1/2) hours after the end of the first meal break and no later than five and one-half (5-1/2) hours after the end of the meal break. Employees are guaranteed two (2) hours of work or pay after returning from a meal break.

PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO PROVIDE A MEAL: In the event, that an employee is NOT provided with a meal break, they shall be paid the prevailing rate plus two (2x) the straight time rate until such time as an appropriate meal break is given.

SIX AND OUT: No meal penalty shall be required if the employee works six (6) hours without a meal break and is released from duty. However, if the employee is NOT released from duty at the sixth (6th) hour, the meal penalty shall be paid at the prevailing rate of pay plus two (2x) times the straight time rate retroactive to the five and one-half (5-1/2) hour.

REST PERIOD: Each employee shall be entitled to a rest period of eight (8) consecutive hours after being relieved from duty. In the event an employee is recalled to the same job prior to receiving the full eight (8) hour rest period, such employee returning to work without the eight (8) hours rest period shall be paid at three (3X) times the prevailing rate until released for the full rest period. TURNAROUND PROVISION can apply under special circumstances. Talk to your Account Manager about Turnaround Provisions

HOLIDAYS: All work performed on the following holidays shall be paid at two (2x) times the employee’s straight-time hourly rate of pay. Holidays are:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

TRUCK LOADERS: If employees are requested to load or unload over-the-road trucks or step into those trucks, those employees will be paid at a truck loader rate. The truck loading pay is per truck. Talk with your Account Manager about the do's and don'ts of truck-loaders.

HIGH RIGGERS: High Riggers are paid at a higher rate of pay for the time they are on the job. All departments can use high riggers for the purpose of hazardous work. Any employee other than high riggers working within the hazardous guidelines shall be paid at hazardous rates of pay per hour.

JOB STEWARD: Stagehands union requires a job steward on the job site. The job steward is a working employee until the crew exceeds twenty (20) employees. At that time, the job steward becomes a non-working job steward picked by the union.

Specialty "A" are employees used in Video/Electronic Work in Live or Tape Broadcast/Production. All Video Technical Directors, Video-Engineer, Audio-Engineer (A-1) and (A-2), Video Tape Editors, Camera Operators, Boom Operator, Character Generator, Advanced Audio Visual Technician, Audio Utility, Video Utility, Advanced Projectionist.

Specialty "B" are employees used in Theatrical Stage, or Convention Work, such as Presentations, Installations, Musicals dealing with Carpentry. Props, Rigging, Curtains, Tracks, Fly-systems, Scenery, Wardrobe, Staging Equipment, Convention Equipment, Booths, Theaters, Theatrical Lighting, Theatrical Audio, Lasers, and Special FX. This covers Foreman, Leads/Heads of Departments, Carpenters, Flyman, Riggers High and Low, Automation, Lighting Electricians, Board Programmers, Spotlight Operators, Audio Video Technicians, Truck Loaders, Pushers, Wardrobe, Dressers, Hair & Make-up Personal, and Teleprompter Operators.

Specialty rates for Stage Labor, Stage Pushers, Helpers, Key Personnel, working in Stadium, Arena, and Outdoor Events. Talk to your Account Manager for more information on specialty rates.

IHP'S LABOR COORDINATOR. When required by the client, IHP will supply a labor coordinator to work with the client's representative with supervising and ensure required labor numbers and the signing-in and out of all labor. The IHP's labor coordinator will track all call times and callbacks and make sure they are correct and current. Using the "STARS" labor-management program, and working with the client's representative, all time sheets, daily reports and sheets, labor calls, safety concerns, accidents, or injury claims and reports will be done by IHP. IHP will also deal with lift problems if lifts are rented through IHP. If requested, IHP's labor coordinator will be at an added cost to the client.