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Las Vegas

6620 W Arby Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
Phone: 702-631-4748
Toll Free: 888-631-4748
Fax: 702-631-4027

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"To Way Work Gets Done Is with Change, Are You Ready."


Staff Directory

Patrick J Bash
Trish Bash
VP of Internal Operations
Sara Johnson
Labor Coordinator
Jeff Morgan
Sales & Rental Manager
Doug Keady
Asst to the Rental / Warehouse Manager
Pat M. Bash
Special Project Group / Install Foreman
Jim Jones
Special Projects Group / Video Wall Installer
Zeke Rhodes
Special Projects Group / Weld Shop
Deb Gomes
Alba Villatoro
Payroll Assistant
Amey Rosales
Safety Director
Ben Ralston
Shay Funk
Labor Palm Springs, CA
Pebbles Rapp
Labor Fresno, CA