"IHPLABOR"s Mission Statement


                  We at In-House Production believes Honesty, Ethics, Moral Principles and Trustworthiness is what our business and our lives are all about.


                 We at In-House Production believe in Truth, Trust, and Straightforwardness' when working with our clients and their projects.


                 We at In-House Production work for that State of Quality, a Competence Acquired through Training, Accomplishment, Professionalism, Skilled and Experience within our craft and industry. 

"L"      LOYALTY

                 We at In-House Production believe in being Loyal to our clients, their events, and a devoted attachment and affection to their needs.


                 We at In-House Production focus on working with our clients and their designs, also focusing on their needs of the event without crowing the client.

"B"       BALANCED

                 We at In-House Production works with all elements to make sure they are Equal or Incorrect Proportions, and keep a steady position so the project does not fall off track as to the value, or timeline of the project.


                 In-House Production stays uninvolved from opinions and personal feelings from those, other than our clients. We keep a fair and open mind and stay focused on the goal set by the client.


                 We at In-House Production believes in Consistent, Dependability, Stay Steadfast, Honest to the project and the client. We work every day to be Consistently good with Quality and Performance as well as stands by what we do. We work at making it work the first time for the client.