About Us

In-House Production (IHP) is your “go-to” company for skilled, qualified stage technician labor in Las Vegas and Southern California. With years of experience in design, layout, set construction, prop masters, event installation, crew gathering, rigging and staging rental gear, we have the tools and the talent to complete your projects from small pool party install to that 500 plus person crew calls. We are able to take on that temporary one week install or those long running show installs with the ability to work with the client and their budget to complete the project on time, at or under budget.  

IHP works closely with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) to make sure your special event, industrial trade show, corporate event, concert, film, television or stage production, has the right backstage talent for that special install or event. Let our staff interface with your staff, manage and payroll for all union stagehands as well as manage union contracts without requiring you, the Client, to be named in a Union Contract, which removes Union Liability from you, The Client. Working with other construction trades, we at IHP are able to take on the “out-of-the-norm-install”. We can deal with on-site rigging or set remodels, rebuilds or fixes when required.

IHP’s labor coordinator will create and submit detailed labor estimates based on the client's requirements for the number of persons by positions, numbers of hours per day and total event days required.

With IHP’s new labor tracking program “STARS”, is a Time Management for Business Efficiency, and lets you the client, see down to the minute crew totals from the start of your project to the last strike day by turning on your computer. Know how many crew members were in each department by name, how many hours each person worked per day. You are able to go to any work day and take a look at labor, past or present with “STARS”. Visit "STARS" at starslabor.com and get a look at what is to come. 

Please feel free to email or call IHP and talk to one of our trained staff members for advice on crew labor, payroll requirements, rigging and staging rental, or that special build or hang project.

“In-House Production, Your Go-To Company”